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News Roundup: Hammerin' Bikini Wheelman

by: Randy -
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  • When it comes to Street Fighter's 20th anniversary, Capcom didn't do the math.
  • We chatted with triple-threat writer/actor/gamer Felicia Day.
  • Why does the ESRB get to play all these games ahead of everyone else?
  • An interview with "Head Psyko" James Hildebrandt of Psyko Audio Labs.
  • XTracPads specializes in mouse pads:  Here's their Pro Mouse Mat.
  • Heh heh.  Not to pick on AtomicGamer, but they give Street Fighter IV a 92...out of 10.
  • GELID Solutions is better known for their electromagnetic fan, but here's their Wing 8 UV Case Fan.
  • Bikini Zombie Slayers is "a good time for certain individuals."
  • NVIDIA made a computer case?
  • Gamefly subscribers vote Fallout 3 their game of the year.  Them and everyone else.
  • DSi hitting the US on April 5th--price revealed.
  • Xbox Live and Hotmail are both MSN properties, but one could wipe out the other.
  • Metal Gear Online is making a scene.
  • Dead Space puts on rails, rolls to the Wii.
  • Microsoft tries to make up for last year's cluster of an E3 briefing.
  • CitiesXL goes for hyper-realistic architecture, goofy sims.
  • Jonathan Blow attempts to recreate XBLA pricing controversy on PC.
  • Tuesday update for Team Fortress 2, Scout style.
  • Scrabble, Battleship, Yahtzee (John's got a nervous twitch forming right now), and Connect Four.
  • Ubisoft takes the Wheelman worldwide.
  • GameStop is hankerin' for a Hammerin'.
  • Best-looking sci-fi match-three game money can buy.
Thanks to Defunct Games, TechwareLabs, The Hachiko, Legit Reviews, AtomicGamer, Verdis Reviews and Techgage for today's news roundup.