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News Roundup: Chaotic Rock Band Anarchy

by: Randy -
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  • This red button, affixed to your console, could be used when a child is freaking out or showing signs of anti-social behavior.
  • Ultima IV is ultimately ugly, pretty much colorless, and tiny.
  • Whatever happened to Sega's Shinobi franchise.
  • The Hachiko plays every rhythm game he can get his hands on.  DJ Max Fever is middling, however.
  • No stability issues with the ASUS M4A79T Deluxe Motherboard.
  • The Mophie Juice Pack puts extra kick in your iPhone 3G.
  • TWL News puts the Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard up in a cost vs. performance comparison.
  • GTA IV's first DLC pack previewed.
  • NVIDIA ION gets certified for Vista.
  • Lemmy from Motorhead guesting in Guitar Hero: Metallica.
  • Lips adding more "love" songs.
  • EA details latest Hasbro videogames.
  • Make your Xbox Live Avatar mobile.
  • Chaotic game spinning out of control from Activision Publishing.
  • The Watchment movie actors to provide voices for game.
  • Sacred 2 co-op visualized in screenshot form.
  • January NPD numbers--different month, same results.
  • White Zombie apocalypse in Rock Band.
  • Legacy of the Xan booster for Anarchy Online.
  • Amazon.com publishing videogames?  I think not.
  • News and notes from the world of Valve.
  • Puzzle Quest: Galactrix faction details and DS screens.
Thanks to Defunct Games, The Hachiko, Legit Reviews, TechwareLabs and AtomicGamer for today's news roundup.