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Left 4 Dead DLC details

by: John -
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I fed my Left 4 Dead addiction today and was pleasantly surprised to see the announcement of new content coming from Kotaku. Dubbed the Survival Pack, it will be coming with a new game mode called Survival (which from the title sounds like a Horde like mode but we'll see) and 2 more Versus campaign. I'm assuming that the other two campaigns that were missing when the game initially shipped will get full Versus support. PC folks will be able to get their hands on an SDK that will let you create new campaigns so that's pretty exciting. The user generated campaigns will be discoverable just like the four official campaigns. No talk on if the DLC will cost anything other than the SDK being free but I'm guessing the PC folks will get the Survival Pack at no extra cost as that's how Valve usually operates. I want some more specialized zombies though.