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Free to download Sacred 2 art e-book

by: Randy -
More On: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Even though they overpopulated the map with way too many bad guys, I'd like to think it was a tribute to the artists and developers putting a lot of blood and sweat into Sacred 2.  (A tribute, as in, the devs didn't want you to see a creature, kill it once, then never see it again.  They wanted you to see it ten thousand more times.  You know, so you'd fully appreciate it.)  Still, there's rock and roll fantasy etched into the game's art style which can be difficult to fully appreciate from a 3D isometric view, but publisher CDV is kindly handing out the illustrated "Art and Vision" e-book for free to any wanting to download it.  Here's a full (albeit smaller) preview of the entire book: