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GamingNexus is stepping up to the Touch

by: Dan -
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For those of you that visit GamingNexus regularly, you probably noticed an increased amount of news being posted for titles that are coming out for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  We also added an iPod quick-link to the banner of the site.  The reason is simple, as the the iPhone/iTouch have become a viable gaming platform for people on the go in a very short period.  While handheld devices such as the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are most commonly associated with portable gaming, it would be foolish on our part to not acknowledge or cover the iPhone/iPod Touch games as the game development improves and receive more backing from the major publishers.  We do not plan on forgetting the indie developers either, as some of the best games we have seen come from these channels and can eat up hours of your day.  

So one of our objectives for GamingNexus in 2009 is initiating reviews of iPod based gaming apps and bringing them to our readers.  We currently have some reviews in the pipeline right now, but we have a realistic and modest goal for this year in terms of quantity of reviews.  We hope we exceed it and provide them regularly. 
Feel free to post comments or anything you would like us to review or touch on as we get into more iPhone/ITouch games.  [MORE]