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News Roundup: Super Saints Friend Code

by: Randy -
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Would typing in endless 12-digit codes to rack up high scores be the worst game ever?  Could Friend Code DS be that game?
  • Sometimes PR firms sneak an unsolicited game into the mail.  Sometimes it's not half bad.
  • HolyBeast needs 500 more beta testers.
  • Even with physics bugs and odd AI behaviors, Saints Row 2 on PC isn't without its charms.
  • Arcade Bowling on the iPhone:  More "arcade feel," less "whizzbang thing."
  • Larry Oji (Asst. Soundtrack Editor for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix) presents Video Game Musicians on Twitter.
  • Enthusiasts have already been talking about running 12GB of DDR3 Triple Channel Memory on Intel Core i7 Platforms.
  • APH Networks deploys the Thecus N4100PRO Network Attached Storage System.
Thanks to Defunct Games, MMOsite, AtomicGamer, Larry Oji, Legit Reviews, and APH Networks for today's news roundup.