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News Roundup: HolyBeast Radio

by: Randy -
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Looks like the PC got its own Jet Set Radio Future competitor...seven years later.
  • Defunct Games looks at ten long years of Tony Hawk--and beats down any naysayers in the process.
  • Putting the Samsung SyncMaster T240 24" LCD Monitor through 1,000 hours of testing.
  • The last one from them felt great--but does the new CyberSnipa SWAT Mouse kick in the door?
  • Ten CES 2009 products that went above and beyond Techgage's expectations.
  • Finishing up a tour with the (somewhat) honorably discharged Call of Duty: World at War.
  • Massive Gamer strolls through the MMO graveyard and comes across Fury's headstone.
  • The verdict on the big 1.1 patch for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
  • In "The Long and Short of It" AtomicGamer examines the lengths of games.
  • If your lucky enough to have eSATA ports, then embrace the OCZ Throttle 32GB eSATA Flash Drive.
  • HolyBeast is calling for closed beta testers starting January 20.
Thanks to Defunct Games, Tweaknews.net, BurnOutPC, Techgage, AtomicGamer, TheTechLounge, Massive Gamer, and Legit Reviews for today's news roundup.