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Circuit City joins Woolworths in the retail farm in the country

by: Chuck -
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It looks like Circuit City will be shutting down the rest of it's stores and closing for good.  The store had already shuttered a large number of stores but it wasn't enough to stop the bleeding as the company is going out of business.

I can't say that I'm too sorry to see the store go as shopping there wasn't nearly as enjoyable at shopping at Best Buy for me (John likes Circuit City more though).  Hopefully the 30,000+ employees impacted by this can find new jobs soon.  This does mean that you can expect to see some good deals on games and TV's in the coming weeks.

Update (Chuck) - It turns out that CompUSA isn't quite dead yet and actually has 23 stores and a new retailing concept.  Apologies to the folks at CompUSA
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