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December NPD numbers, same story as usual

by: John -
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Here's December NPD numbers and the Nintendo DS looks like it was the big seller for the holidays. It almost doubled the sales of the previous month. The Wii continued strong with another 2 million month. The 360, like the DS, almosted doubled in sales. Now the PSP does more than double the sales of their previous month which is nice to see. Even with it's high price tag, the PlayStation 3 came close to doubling their sales from November while the immortal PlayStation 2 did double down. Overall, sales looked good considering no console slagged behind from the previous month. Now that the holiday season is over, we'll wait and see which ones continue strong and which ones drop off dramatically because with this economy, you know there's a console or two primed to take a big drop this month.

   November December  Difference
PlayStation 2  206,000 410,000 +204,000
PlayStation 3 378,000 726,000 +348,000
PSP 421,000 1,020,000 +599,000
Xbox 360  836,000 1,440,000 +604,000
Wii  2,040,000 2,150,000 +110,000
Nintendo DS  1,570,000 3,040,000 +1,470,000
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