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Ohio teen fails at video game defense, common sense wins out

by: Chuck -
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Up in Elyria, Ohio a judge convicted a teenage boy who shot his family because he was kind of an idiot and not because he was addicted to video games.  The disturbed teenager shot both parents, wounding his father and killing his mother.  The defense attorney tried to play the video games made him less responsible card which didn't fly with the judge at all.  

Reading through the article a few things pop-up, the first being that the 17 year old was allowed to play Halo 3 for up to 18 hours a day and that he was upset with his parents for not letting him play the game.  Not to be overly pithy but this seems like one of those situations where responsible parenting might have helped out a bit.  It seems like there are other factors at work here but I'm sure a certain someone will try to pin this on the game industry.
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