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News Roundup -- Ghostbusters: On Tour

by: Randy -
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  • Just because you can fit it on a DS doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldCase in point, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades.
  • In choosing the right netbook, the only thing those machines have in common is an ideal.
  • Fwd: Review of Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.
  • In Ghostbusters for the Wii, do not cross the nunchuks.
  • Step into the shoes of President-Elect Barack Obama on Inauguration Day.
  • The Razer Moray Noise Isolating Earbuds won't convince you to toss away your over-the-ear headphones.
  • Techgage takes a look at proper CD ripping practices.
Thanks to Defunct Games, TheTechLounge, AtomicGamer, Commander-in-Chief.net, Tweaknews, and Techgage for today's news roundup.