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News Roundup: Lippi Transformers In Win

by: Randy -
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  • Looks like videogames aren't so recession proof after all.  Xbox America discusses.
  • Transformers Animated: The Game for the Nintendo DS is apparently ... less than meets the eye.
  • Our own Ben Berry is suited up, Lippi Selk'Bag 1-style, ready for sub-arctic temperatures or Best Buy all-nighters.
  • The In Win Matrix Chassis (case) is equipped with an 80-plus 300-watt power supply, and is intended for home theater use.
  • In Win has another eye-catching creation with the NA USB/ESATA HDD Enclosure.
  • Aluminum construction and serious features for cooling, the Cooler Master ATCS 840 case is one of the newest.
Thanks to Xbox America, Defunct Games, BurnOutPC, Legit Reviews, and Tweaknews.net for today's news roundup.