What we're playing this holiday weekend/What game would you give to someone on your shopping list?

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With the holiday season in full sway we asked each of our staffers which game they would buy for someone on their list.  Big favorites include Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, and Grand Theft Auto IV.  Surprisingly no one is shopping for a  Wii owner as no Wii titles made the list (sorry Wii Music).   Here are the full results with what we're playing this weekend in parentheses. 

Elliott Bonnie (COD 4, Forza 2, GTA IV) - Depending on the person I was buying for, I would either give Fallout 3 or Grand Theft Auto IV. Those games were my favorite titles from the past year and offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Charles Husemann (Pixel Junk Eden, Resistance 2) - I don't think there's a person out there who wouldn't want a copy of LittleBigPlanet as the game is fun for everyone and creating levels with friends is also a blast.  Other than that I think Left 4 Dead is another good pick as who doesn't like killing zombies?

Dan Keener (Home, Rock Band 2) - If I could give any game from the last year to anyone, it would more than likely be Grand Theft Auto IV.  I know it has violence, murder and all that good stuff, but it truly shows the power of the next gen consoles, and what kind of epic open-world game can be created when the proper time and effort are put into a title.

Randy Kalista (Pirates of the Burnina Sea)- Come gift-giving time, I'd stuff a season pass of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People into someone's unsuspecting stocking.  Point-and-click adventure games are a tough sell nowadays.  Episodic point-and-click adventure games no less so.  And while you won't see this game racking up any game of the year nominations (unless a specific "PC Adventure Game of the Year" category is cropped up), the off-your-rocker sense of humor and generally stress-free puzzle solving is as well-done of a translation for homestarrunner.com as any fan could hope for.

Matt Mirkovich (Persona 4, Master of Monster Lair, Beatmania IIDX 15: DJ Troopers) - I'd have to go with Chrono Trigger for the DS. This way people can understand why I'd rather play it than put up learning Algebra as a child. (I later went on to get a D for the semester, whoops).

Sean Nack (Fallout 3) - I'd be torn on my gift-giving between multiplayer power-house Left 4 Dead and, in my opinion, under-appreciated FPS gem Far Cry 2.

Tyler Sager (Fallout 3) - While Fallout 3 is a close second, I would probably be giving King's Bounty: The Legend, if for no better reason than to spread the word that turn-based fantasy is alive and well. 

Eva Sines (Lord of the Rings Online ) - If I could give someone any game, it would be the Mines of Moria expansion so we could play together.

Shawn Sines (Persona 4, Fallout 3, Lord of the Rings Online) - I'd give The Witcher Enhanced Edition or Fallout 3. Both games tell great tales and are two of my favorite games of the year.(Fallout 3 is my GOTY pick.. The Witcher was last years.)

John Yan (Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Fallout 3) - For a game to give away, I'm having a hard time choosing between Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. Both offer vastly different experiences and I think those two have given me the most fun this past year. I guess it would be Left 4 Dead since I continue to play that no matter how many times I finish the game, I can't stop playing. Either playing with 3 others in co-op or griefing the Survivors in Versus mode, Left 4 Dead is just tons of fun.
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