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Microsoft says no to 0.50 part to help prevent scratching discs on the 360

by: John -
More On: Xbox 360
Do you think a 50 cent part is too much to help prevent a disc from scratching in a console? Microsoft thought so. The programming manager stated they knew about the defect where if you tilt the console while the disc is running it would leave a pretty bad scratch on the disc. Three options were discussed with one being being bumpers that are found in a lot of computer drives already that help prevent disc movement damaging the media. 50 cents per console was deemed too much by the team. Yeah, good decision there. I know if you add up all the consoles it would have cost a lot of money to add this in but it would've probably saved them money and bad press in the long run. It's not like Microsoft didn't have the money in the first place to do this. It's just another bad decision to rush the console to market and try to shave a few pennies here and there. Now, I know the console is not meant to move when playing but accidents do happen especially if you have very young ones around who like to move things that aren't meant to be moved.

-Update- Here's the original copy of the PDF.
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