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Is Sony's PS3 a sinking ship?

by: John -
As CNN Money puts it, they think the PlayStation 3 is a sinking ship because it's the only console this year that didn't increase sales this November over last year's November time frame. The PS3 sales are down 19% from last year and if I am not mistaken, the console was more expensive last year than this year. Time are tough but the other two saw an increase in sales. The thing is, who's going to spend $400 on a console when you can have the other two for $150 to $200 less. There are some good exclusive games on the system but nothing seems to warrant the purchase of the console over the other two. It's not the cheapest Blu-ray player anymore so those looking for just that option are going to opt for something else especially if they don't care to play games at all and want to use their universal remotes like a lot of movie enthusiasts. If you bought a PlayStation 3, how do you feel about your purchase?