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November NPD numbers show Wii is unstoppable and PS3 gets a small bump

by: John -
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Below are the November NPD numbers and what can you say about Nintendo. When i talked to Chuck earlier he was expecting about a million sales of the Wii. Little did we know that it sold over 2 million instead. The 360 hit a solid 836k in sales while the PlayStation 3... well you can just see for yourself below and make your own assumptions. All consoles saw a boost in numbers but nothing like the Wii and DS. I mean the Wii sold more than 5X the amount of PS3s and a little more than 2X the 360s.

   October November  Difference
PlayStation 2  136,000 206,000 +70,000
PlayStation 3  190,000 378,000 +188,000
PSP  193,000 421,000 +228,000
Xbox 360  371,000 836,000 +465,000
Wii  803,000 2,040,000 +1,237,000
Nintendo DS  491,000 1,570,000 +1,079,000
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