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Left 4 Dead on the 360 gets hacked

by: John -
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If you thought that PC folks have it bad with cheating, here's a video and a how to on cheating in Left 4 Dead for the 360. I admit some of it looks a little fun but it just ruins the experience when you are trying to play a legit game. Now I haven't run into any of these yet, but I'm sure I will soon. I primarily play the PC version anyways and when these things come up Valve usually patches them in a timely manor. Let's see how long before a patch for the 360 comes out. Thanks Kotaku.

-Update- The video has decided to omit the tutorial now. I find it funny his reason was that he wasn't trying to ruin the game and that it got way out of hand and didn't expect this. What was he expecting when he posted the knowledge on how to do it? I mean seriously.