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News Roundup: Left 4 Hell's Highway

by: Randy -
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  • Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway still packs more storyline punch than any other WWII game.
  • Recent Cryptic Studios hire, Bill Roper (of Blizzard fame), talks to G4 about Champions Online.
  • Over 80 prizes, including a $4,500 gaming system, are being raffled off (for a great cause) over at TheTechLouge.
  • We need a fresh look at the ATI HD 4870 1GB vs. NVIDIA GTX 260/216 896MB debate.
  • It takes longer to unbox the Icy Dock MB664UEA-1S USB/Firewire HDD Enclosure than it does to get it up and running.
  • Chaos Online, an upcoming free-to-play MMO, is giving out closed beta keys starting December 13th.
  • The cooperative experience of 2008 is, hands down, Left 4 Dead.
  • The top 10 useful iPhone apps of 2008.
  • Leadtek GeForce 9500GT, 9800 GTX+ and GTX 260/280.  Other cards are reference products with Leadtek stickers.
  • The Vantec AeroFlow FX120 CPU Cooler edges out the MaxOrb in cooling performance.
  • The 4870's refresh is overdue -- so here's the PALIT Radeon HD 4870 512MB Sonic Dual Video Card reviewed.
  • Winterblink looks towards the upcoming Alliance Tournament in EVE Online.
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