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Second Council of Stellar Management appointed in EVE Online

by: Randy -
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There's no other MMO that does this sort of thing.  None.  But EVE Online has now got in the final tally of votes from their second CSM (Council of Stellar Management).  The CSM is a completely player-run, player-elected forum of nine EVE Online subscribers.  Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to be the voice of their people (their in-game race) and bring relevant player-voiced concerns to developer CCP.  But the Council doesn't just shoot CCP an email list of grievances.  CCP actually flies these players out to meet in Iceland for a face-to-face summit where the nine reps handle in-game business in an up-close-and-personal manner.  The nine Council members are from all over the globe:  Serbia, Netherlands, Denmark, the US, the UK, Hungary, and Australia.  Good luck trying to not to be impressed with the boundaries EVE Online pushes with the word "videogame."