Grand Theft Auto IV PC has some cool new features, out December 2

by: John -
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The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is coming out on December 2nd with cool new features. First off, there's going to be an additional radio station where you can stick in your own MP3s. The big new feature though is the Social Club TV where you can record in game footage in both single and multiplayer games. Use the built in editor to change camera angles, audio, speed, and add special effects. Create your own video and share it with others. Anyone can watch but members are the only ones that can post videos. Sounds pretty slick and I might have to pick it up on the PC to finish off what I started on the 360 before my disc died.

Grand Theft Auto returns to the platform that birthed it this December 2nd -
with the fully-enhanced Games for Windows® release of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC will feature exclusive details such as stunningly detailed, high-resolution graphics;
32-person multiplayer with Custom Matching for an optimized experience; and the ability to customize a radio station using your personal mp3s via the new radio station, Independence FM on the Liberty City radio dial.

Most excitingly, Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC offers players the chance to become the Cecil B. Demille of Liberty City via the all new Video Editor feature. Capture in-game footage (whether from single-player or multiplayer gameplay) and make real-time edits using a built-in suite of tools that can change the camera angle, audio, speed and depth-of-field or apply special effects to alter colors and add filters. Add in-game music, custom titling and transitions to polish off your masterpiece.

After you're done editing, you'll be able to share your video online by posting it to Rockstar Games Social Club TV, the all new user-video section of Rockstar Games Social Club.

Social Club TV will launch with Grand Theft Auto IV PC on December 2nd, and will be the exclusive place to upload videos direct from the game (while connected online). Note that Social Club membership will be required to post videos, but non-members will be able to freely visit to watch any and all posted videos.

Social Club members will be able to manage their own profile pages to track videos they've posted, as well as participate in ongoing special contests and video-based competitions.