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Gaming Gibs for 11/18/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while being transfixed by the puppy cam:
  • Age of Conan to get dungeons and DirectX 10 support in next release, finally
  • More people don't get why Ensemble was closed, this may become one of the next great gaming mysteries
  • Raph Koster talks about why corpse runs suck in MMOs
  • Looking for deals on Black Friday?  Here's a full list of all of the know deals.
  • Lips microphone won't work with any other music games, hopefully this gets fixed
  • Mirrors Edge will make you puke, but in a good way, learn what proprioception means while you're there
  • Video games now in danger of the yo-ho-ho type of pirates
  • Ubisoft to make a Massive move towards MMOs...yes it's a horrible, horrible pun
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