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News Roundup: World at EndWar

by: Randy -
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  • Our own Chuck Husemann thinks Joystiq's aversion to Call of Duty: World at War is running lopsided.
  • In their On Running Feuds feature, Defunct Games implores "Hey Real Life, Quit Doing My Job!"
  • You won't be disappointed with Tom Clancy's EndWar -- so sayeth Xbox America.
  • "Watching pain dry is just as engaging as reviewing motherboards!"  Regardless, Rage3D covers the AMD 790GX.
  • In order to tap into the parallel processing muscle of a GPU, proper tools are needed, and Rage 3D uses them in today's topic:  ATI Stream Computing Unleashed.
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King launches and Massive Gamer is on the scene, reporting live, cable news style.
  • CPU and GPU fusion is the way of the future?  AMD announces stream computing will be mainstream.
  • NCsoft West names Dirk Metzger Vice President of Marketing.  Wondering if he can top a "DNA Drive" and subsequent launch into space for Tabula Rasa.
  • The fighting in Gears of War 2 is fun, though sometimes cheapened by the "immaturity" of your opponents.
  • ActionTrip thinks there's a bit too much micromanagement in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3.
  • A break from the ordinary, Legit Reviews looks at the Smooth Creations LANShark Gaming System.
  • The Quantum of Solace adds up to about 68%, per AtomicGamer.
  • The i3DSpeed project is dedicated to informing you about performance of a large number of graphics cards in Windows Vista.
Thanks to Xbox America, Defunct Games, AtomicGamer, Rage3D, Massive Gamer, Legit Reviews, NCsoft, The Hachiko, ActionTrip, and Digit-Life for today's news roundup.