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Three XBL titles now cost 50% less

by: John -
More On: Xbox Live Arcade
Today you can pick up three old titles for half the price. Feeding Frenzy, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and  Worms are now only 400 points. Out of the three, I think UMK3 and Worms are good pick ups. I really want the second Mortal Kombat though but the third one ain't half bad. It's just not as solid as the second one in my opinion.
Triple the Fun at Half the Price: Three Timeless Titles Get Added to Arcade Hits on Xbox LIVE Arcade Today

With exactly one week left until the launch of the New Xbox Experience there is no better time than now to load your console with classic high-definition games. Xbox LIVE Arcade is providing an even greater incentive to log-on and load-up: discounted best-selling titles! Download a trio of hit Xbox LIVE Arcade games, including “Feeding Frenzy,” “Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3” and “Worms” for only 400 Microsoft Points each. Stay ahead of the game and have your Xbox 360 ready for the New Xbox Experience by downloading great games, including these three, so you can jump right into the fun on November 19.

* Feeding Frenzy: Get ready to devour everything smaller than you and take on the formidable Shark King in the original smash title “Feeding Frenzy.” Travel to the depths of the ocean in this stunning underwater adventure. This game is packed with 40 underwater levels and fascinating fish. Published by Oberon Media and developed by Sprout Games, “Feeding Frenzy” is rated E for Everyone by the ERSB.

* Worms: Slither and slide your way to victory in this clever turn-based strategy game for a fraction of its original price. Explore extraordinary landscapes with a team of worms and attempt to survive the chaos. With 20 increasingly difficult single player challenges, three geographical themes and a random landscape generator you’ll have plenty of opportunities to perfect your strategy skills. “Worms” was developed and published by Team 17 Software Ltd. and. The game is rated E10 and now priced at 400 ms points.

* Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: Choose from 22 fighters from the Mortal Kombat Hall of Fame, each with their own special moves and fatalities. Loaded with multi-tiered environments, you can fight solo, with a friend or against an unlimited number of opponents ONLINE! This best-selling Xbox LIVE Arcade game was developed and published by Midway and is rated M for Mature by the ERSB.

The “Arcade Hits” program brings some of the best-selling Xbox LIVE Arcade games straight to your living room for permanent low prices. For more information on these titles or other “Arcade Hits,” please visit: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/arcadehits/default.htm