Capcom releases Street Fighter Trailer Goodness

by: Dan -
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Capcom released two new trailers yesterday, one for Street Fighter IV introducing the final Boss Seth, and one for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix which shows off some of the more complex and rare combinations. 


And the Street Fighter keeps coming …

We’re pleased to release to you rabid Street Fighter fans a double dose of fine Street Fighter cinema. Today, we’ve posted 2 Street Fighter related videos on our press site. Let me show them to you.

We have a super awesome combo video for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix which demonstrates some of the very rare and extremely difficult combos. It’s an extraordinary moment when you witness one of these combos at the arcades and we have compiled them all for you, our fans.

Additionally, we’ve released a character profile video featuring Street Fighter IV’s final boss, Seth! Seth coincidentally, shares the same name as Seth Killian, our very own resident community manager, Street Fighter expert, and all around super human being life-force. That’s Mr. S-Kill to you. Coincidentally, the throne in the background also features crossed hands, the style in which our very own Seth Killian utilizes to whoop on me in SFIV. Coincidentially, coincidentally, coincidentally . . . coincidence. He’s going to kill me.