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News Roundup: Gears of Warhammer

by: Randy -
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  • If you want to read about Space Harrier and "This Week in GameTap" in its indigenous environment, head over to This Week In Defunct Games.
  • Popular Mechanics has published an article on how Gears of War 2 is using the Unreal engine, and how that and other features help create a realistic military scenario.
  • Massive Gamer debuts the Bitton's WAR column, describing how in Warhammer Online, "War is (Almost) Everywhere!"
  • Those guys are also chillin' in Iceland, reporting on the PvP tournament taking place at the EVE Online fanfest.
  • The compact in-ear design of the Razer Moray Gaming Headphones makes them extremely portable.
  • The Intel i7-965 XE Extreme Edition Nehalem Processor is not your usual bump in clock speed and a new number name tag.
Thanks to Defunct Games, Popular Mechanics, Massive Gamer, I4U, and Tweaknews for today's news roundup.