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For the upcoming release of Donkey Kong Country 3, you can help a charity by visiting and finding Donkey Kong. For each Kong found, Nintendo will donate money to the Animal Protection Institute's Primate Sanctuary. They have a 186-acre sanctuary near San Antonio, Texas where they house more than 400 primates. So help out a little by visiting the site and participating in a little flash game for a good cause. So far as of this news posting, over 2800 people have found him.
Find Donkey Kong, Save a Chimp

If you can help Donkey Kong(R), you can help a real primate. To celebrate this week's release of Donkey Kong(R) Country 3 for Game Boy(R) Advance and Game Boy(R) Micro, Nintendo is hosting a Where's DK? Search Event through Nov. 21. Participants must follow the clues on to discover his whereabouts and earn a donation to charity.

For each of the participants who locate Donkey Kong, Nintendo will donate money to the Animal Protection Institute's Primate Sanctuary. API is a national animal-advocacy group. The mission of the Primate Sanctuary is to provide nonhuman primates a high quality of life with as little human interference as possible. The 186-acre sanctuary, located near San Antonio, Texas, is currently home to more than 400 primates, many of whom were rescued from abusive or exploitative situations.

In Donkey Kong Country 3, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong(R) have been kidnapped and players must help Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong find them. Players run, roll, hop and swing through enemy-infested stages to locate Donkey and Diddy. Players can catch rides on new and familiar animal pals as they explore nine worlds of adventure. Multiple mini-games and six new levels make this game shine.
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