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Gaming Gibs for 11/5/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while waiting for Princess Leia to tell us who won Ohio in the election last night:
  • Codemasters moves Damnation and Rise of the Argonauts to 2009, thank god
  • Cloud computing gets Steamed this week, don't worry it's cool stuff even if you don't understand it
  • Rare does not care about you and your crappy SDTV
  • Cliffy B kind of misses the point of Mirror's Edge
  • Is Sony really screwing Player Two?  Destructoid thinks so
  • Saints Row 2 ships two million units, sigh of relief from THQ heard around the world
  • Tabula Rasa gets a first person view, have to wonder why the game didn't ship with this
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