World of Warcraft Infected by U.S. Political Fervor

by: Eva -
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There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from the onslaught of campaign ads for the U.S. Presidential election... not even Azeroth in the World of Warcraft. Fortunately U.S. citizen's are allowed to make light of the situation with impunity. check out this offering on the Machinima YouTube channel. "Election Duel! Obama V. McCain - Who Get's Pwned?" is a short created by Sandeep Parikh spoofing the political fervor building up to the election. Put aside your political views for a moment and just enjoy the satire.

Everyone is talking politics these days with the election just 5 days away and lots of the political action is happening online.  Many people, both amateur and professionals alike, are getting into the center of the debate by creating political spoofs, Machinima content, and mini-documentaries to express their political opinions online.

Well, there is a new Battleground State that is polling opinions in Azeroth and that is in the World of Warcraft Machinima video which has received over 100,000 video views in just one day on the Machinima YouTube channel.  There are over 11 million people playing World of Warcraft online and this Machinima video was created by Sandeep Parikh and captures the convergence of politics, gaming and the creative expression that is exploding online., is the premiere Machinima entertainment network for the gamer generation showing user-generated and professional videos, gameplay and trailers from popular video games.