Pixelux: Don't hate on DMM for the luke-warm The Force Unleashed

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Despite the wide spectrum of critical acclaim (and disclaim) for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Pixelux Entertainment would like to remind folks that (ahem) it wasn't their fault that The Force Unleashed isn't Game Of The Year material.  Pixelux is the team that brought DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) to the table -- then shattered that table with realistic splintering depending on where you hit that table.  DMM bent tall plants as you pushed past them.  DMM applied gravity to rolling boulders.  DMM, overall, stepped up the level of interaction between the game's characters and the anything-but-static environment.  Pixelux's DMM is being used in "numerous" developing projects, but they're not officially announcing what those projects are at this time.

Pixelux Entertainment Brings Gaming and Digital Entertainment Closer to Reality through Recently Launched DMM Technology

Truly life-like gaming and entertainment takes a massive leap forward through advanced simulations technology dubbed “Digital Molecular Matter”

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – October 23, 2008 -- Pixelux Entertainment has launched a new era in life-like digital entertainment through its groundbreaking Digital Molecular Matter technology (DMM). The first game on the market to utilize the new technology, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed from LucasArts, has recently debuted to critical praise for its implementation of DMM and the impact the technology has on gameplay.

"Pixelux Entertainment's Digital Molecular Matter and NaturalMotion's Euphoria. DMM makes the physical properties of items in the game environment act as they should in real life, such as the force of gravity on a rolling boulder or tall plants that sway as you walk through them" --  Gannett News Service

“From the first moments on Kashyyyk, you can see how everything reacts with extraordinary realism. Crash through the Wookiees’ barriers, and the wood breaks and splinters as it should, depending on the impact” – Ken Richardson Senior Editor / Entertainment Editor, Sound & Vision

"Pixelux's Digital Molecular Matter (DMM), which gives destructible objects and environments unique properties so that they'll break apart differently virtually every time they're destroyed. Watching these effects during my Force attacks was exhilarating, and I'm definitely eager to see more DMM in future titles" – Rob Wright, Tom's Games 

"The game's impressive physics allow for all that devastation and more.  The experience will also be more rewarding for players who pay careful attention to the highly detailed and, for the most part, interactive environments" – Kirk Arnott, Columbus Dispatch


When using DMM, materials such as wood or metal act like their real-world counterparts, meaning their behavior is completely unpredictable. Metal will bend and dent as it naturally would, depending on external forces, and would splinters or cracks. There is virtually no end to the responses DMM lends any material, once the technology has been applied. A designer or game maker using DMM has the tools needed to make any idea or environment a simulated reality. When using DMM, imagination is the only resource needed for a project.

DMM arrives in two distinct products. First, the DMM Plug-in has been designed to run under the popular 3D animation program Maya. DMM Plug-in lets a user create objects within Maya and then utilize the powerful tools in the DMM Plug-in to make them physically real. The DMM Engine differs from the DMM Plug-in, as it fits into existing game engines with a simple interface known as API. Once integrated, DMM enhances any 3-D environment or computer-generated simulation.

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Pixelux has ended a years-long period of exclusivity surrounding DMM technology and is currently deep into the development of numerous projects. Pixelux will be announcing additional partnerships and products using its DMM technology in the very near future. 

About Pixelux Entertainment Inc

With engineers who have worked on everything from military missile tracking to the mission-critical control systems of Nuclear Reactors, Pixelux was founded in October 2003 with a mission of automating art asset production through physical simulation. Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) technology has been designed to take full advantage of next-generation architectures, utilizing GPUs and multiprocessor cores to achieve an unprecedented degree of realism. Pixelux is a member of middleware programs for both the Xbox 360™ and PLAYSTATION®3 with versions of DMM that take unique advantage of the capabilities of each of these platforms. DMM is also available for properly equipped PCs and Macs. Pixelux is also marketing middleware products to the United States military. For more information, please visit www.pixelux.com.