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September NPD numbers released, price cut worked for Microsoft

by: Chuck -
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The NPD numbers for September are now out and it looks like the price cut for the 360 had it's intended result as sales of the Xbox 360 surged from 195K units in April to over 347K in September.   That would have taken the crown for biggest increase in the market except that Nintendo managed to get more Wii's in the channel.  Here are the full numbers compared to the numbers from August.

  August September Difference
Wii 453,000 687,000 234,000
NDS 518,300 536,800 18,500
360 195,200 347,200 152,000
PSP 253,000 238,100 -14,900
PS3 185,400 232,400 47,000
PS2 144,100 173,500 29,400
It's a nice modest bump for the PS3 but you have to wonder how long they can hold out before dropping the price on the PS3.

The software side was dominated by the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed which sold over 610,000 copies on the Xbox 360 and another 325,000 copies on the PS3.
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