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News Roundup: Dead Sonic Space Chronicle

by: Randy -
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  • Defunct Games looks at back issues of Hardcore Gamer magazine -- they're pretty stoked for Dead Space and revisit the magazine's cover story from issue 33.
  • Sonic Chronicle's battle system, while engaging at first, forfeits its novelty through slow repetition.
  • The ICY BOX IB-390 Series is an external hard drive that won't hog your precious, precious desk space.
  • Lineage II has launched a new preview site for its Gracia Part 2 expansion; elegant and not overly Flash-y.
  • Taking something great and making it even better is the eVGA 790i SLI FTW Digital PWM Motherboard.
  • Warhammer Online is the spot for players that want to kill other players.  But for those that want a compelling, charming, content-filled fantasy world?  It's only "ho-hum."
  • I4U has disarmed Crysis Warhead and found that the only bad thing they can say is that it's short.
  • The finish is nice.  The fit, not so much.  Tweaknews reviews the Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case.
Thanks to Defunct Games, AtomicGamer, TechwareLabs, The Hachiko, NCsoft, Legit Reviews, I4U, and Tweaknews for today's News Roundup.