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News Roundup: Monster Beats Fieldrunners

by: Randy -
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The News Roundup is trimming some fat for the holidays (and probably beyond that point, too).  Continue to look here for original content submitted to us from outside videogame sources.  But gone are the towering links to screenshots and videos that you can grab from any old place.
  • Xbox America reviews Mega Man 9 and feels a nostalgic warmth welling up inside from the return of the Blue Bomber.
  • Will the real Edward Carny please stand up?  Defunct Games examines the multi-faceted protagonist of the Alone in the Dark series.
  • The Chronic and 2001 must not be paying the bills anymore.  Dr. Dre staples his name to the Monster Beats Headphones, and TheTechLounge gets down.
  • Fieldrunners does its best Tower Defense impression on the iPhone and iPod Touch -- and succeeds (even without sound).
  • The ECS Elitegroup is getting PC gamers' attention by packaging two video cards, a water cooling kit, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2.  Legit Reviews received one of these packages:  ECS GeForce 9800 GTX+ Hydra SLI Video Card Kit.
  • But let's come back down to Earth.  Here's Digit-Life reviewing a low-end solution from AMD:  The ATI RADEON HD 4670 512MB Graphics Card.
  • You may have heard it's amazing, but TechwareLabs has done the research on the PowerColor HD 4870 video card.
  • Or, if you're ready to step up to the majors, here's how you can turn your PC into a Home Theater PC:  With the Antec Veris Multimedia Station Primer.
  • The Antec Mini P180 Chassis is smaller and more compact, but has all the features the other cases have as well.
Thanks to Xbox America, Defunct Games, TheTechLounge, OS X Reality, Legit Reviews, Digit-Life, TechwareLabs, and BurnOutPC for today's (slimmer, sexier) News Roundup.