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News Roundup: Diablo Inferno Pyroblazer

by: Randy -
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  • Mario Golf and Shining Force II:  It's a good week for retro gamers at Defunct Games.
  • I4U published a review of the Coosh Headset for iPod and iPhone.
  • ActionTrip calls out Fracture on its "carbon copying" of most top shooters and its "unoriginal design."
  • CaseCritics got their hands on the first pics of an "Unnamed Project" Raidmax All Aluminum Chassis.
  • Fuzzle isn't your run-of-the-mill iPhone puzzle game -- but OS X Reality will break down why.
  • The only low point, as far as I4U is concerned, is Spore's DRM.  Otherwise?  Editor's Choice.
Thanks to Defunct Games, I4U, ActionTrip, AtomicGamer, CaseCritics, Tweaknews, and OS X Reality for today's News Roundup.