New Xbox Experience coming prior to November?

by: Dan -
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At the end of September, there were news bits circulating that the New Xbox Experience would be coming in November due to an in-game ad in Rock Band 2 that stated as much. However, within yesterday's news announcing the October 28th release date of Scene It? Box Office Smash was the statement that "Xbox 360’s first game to debut with the New Xbox Experience’s player Avatars". Now logic would assume that you wouldn't release a game that used the Avatars unless the New Xbox Experience was already available. However, it is possible the game could come out a week or two prior to the NXE release and still utilize the Avatar system, as the framework was more than likely installed already during the Xbox Live Maintenance on 9/29. The other possibility....the NXE will actually launch on Monday, October 27th. There has been no official date from Microsoft to the release, just conflicting signals to this point.