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Gaming Gibs for 10/2/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while debating the merits of Star Trek Cosplay:
  • Allstate to offer discounts for gamers,hopefully they haven't seen me drive in GTA IV
  • KOTOR MMO announcement incoming?  Time to start stocking up on mountain dew and vacation days
  • Take Two off the selling block, going to go it alone for now
  • R2 is looking for a few good beta testers...must have a PS3 and like shooters
  • October is going to be a very good month for gamers, very hard month for reviewers
  • Microsoft's expensive wireless device fee strikes again
  • More free PC games available on FileFront including Full Spectrum Warrior
  • Fracture folks talk about the joys of solid middleware, it's more interesting than it sounds
  • Gamecock talks about how last year sucked, Legendary and Velvet Assassin should help that in the coming months
  • You'll be able to watch Richard Garriott as he flies in space...that's right Lord British in Spaaaaaaaaaace. 
  • Prince of Persia moving to get the "Pirates treatment" Johnny Depp though
  • What to expect from E for All, here's a much
  • Diablo III will have a checkpoint system, go ahead and complain, it won't do any good
  • Blizzard successfully completes raid on bot maker, gets fat loot
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