What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Ben Berry
I'll be playing Rock Band 2 and NHL 2k9 for the 360. While I'm dying to play Force Unleashed, I've decided to wait for patches so I can hopefully enjoy a better gaming experience without the letdowns.

Elliot Bonnie
I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan, so I'll be tossing around storm troopers in Star Wars Force Unleashed this weekend. From what I have played so far, I enjoy it. There are a few glitches and hang ups that are frustrating, but I am having a lot of fun.

Charles Husemann
With the Blue Jackets opening camp this weekend I'll be spending some quality time with both NHL titles this weekend and getting my usual ass beating from Ben in the games.  I'm also hoping to have some time to spend with the Fracture demo and some time with D&D Tiny Adventures as I try to get to a third generation character.

Randy Kalista
I'm downloading Patch 1.4 for The Witcher -- which effectively turns my previously-purchased, largely un-played version into The Witcher Enhanced Edition.  Ta-dah!  That, and spreading my unruly Spore across the known universe.  Be afraid, herbivores.  Be very afraid.

Kolby Kappes
I’ll spend a bit of time with a preview version of King’s Bounty – the first half hour has me pretty intrigued. It’s Heroes of Might and Magic with an RPG bolted onto the frontend of it. I like Heroes of  Might and Magic, I like RPGs, I don’t see why I wouldn’t like those two smashed together.

After that, Rock Band 2 and Warhammer Online will get most of my attention this weekend.

Matt Mirkovich
360 is off at the repair center. So it's more Disgaea 3 and Siren for me. It really pisses me off because I picked up Pure and Battle Fantasia this week. And I better have the thing back before the 30th because that's when Silent Hill: Homecoming is going to be out. Other than that, playing old Castlevania titles on the hand-helds so I can get ready for Order of Ecclesia.

Nathan Murray
My budget for gaming is zero dollars and fifty cents so no new games for me. I have been playing 12 Sky a Korean free to play mmorpg from Aeria games. While the game is very grindy I keep seeing the higher level characters zipping around and kicking the shit out of every thing. Just 5000000000 more goblins and I can be a bad ass too.

Sean Nack
I came home from a long trip, turned on my 360 and encountered...THE RED RING OF DOOOOOM! (i prefer doom to death.) So I went old school, and pick up the Tom Clancy's Chronicles on PC, featuring the original Ghost Recon and Rainbox Six 3: Raven Shield, and some title called Splinter Cell, but I'm not a sneaky-wimp. Boo-yah for tactical action games!

Tyler Sager
I'll be downloading The Witcher's enhanced patch and giving that a go, in addition to grabbing the demo for King's Bounty: The Legend.  That should keep me busy for a little while, at least...

Eva Sines
Now that we finally have power and the Internet back up and running, I'll be playing Tales of Vesperia, Warhammer Online and Rock Band 2 while I'm here. I'm taking my daughter to Wolf Park in Indiana Saturday night for Howl Night and the Wolf Park After Dark program.