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Gaming gibs for 9/16/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while thinking about the possibilities of four player Pong:
  • MS spokesman vows to take on Sony, forgets that the rest of their lineup is kind of weak outside of Gears of War 1.5
  • Activision planning annual Bond games, trying to be positive about this but failing
  • Nintendo makes $1.6 million per employee, might be more if they could keep up with demand
  • Pub games flaw was international according to Molyneux, if Fable II sucks then that was intentional as well
  • EA can't launch MMO's in Europe, also can't fire this guy fast enough
  • How to fix questing in MMO's, hopefully doesn't require another type of grinding
  • GTA creators to get mad NFL money when their contract expires next year?  Bank on it
  • No, Mr. Tyler you only get one video game based on your career, I don't care how much money it made
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