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ngmoco shows off Eliminate Armor styles and tips

by: Dan -
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Last week ngmoco held an event in San Francisco to show off their upcoming game for the iPhone OS called Eliminate. Yesterday, they released a new episode of the ngmoshow that had Eliminate producer Chris Plummer going over some tips and tricks for selecting the best armor to use while in battle. Check it out below, as many media members that attended the event came away impressed with the game.

Welcome, Recruits, to Arsenal Megacorp!

Whether you’re a high-flyer, fast-mover or heavy lifter, Arsenal Megacorp has the right suit for all battle types. The latest briefing from Arsenal Megacorp, entitled “Armor,” gives combatants an overview of the latest types of armor available in the Eliminate arena.

On episode 7, part 3 of the ngmoshow, Eliminate producer Chris Plummer gives MJ some tips and tricks on the best types of armor for all Eliminate participants. The ngmoshow is a weekly video podcast filmed within the heart of ngmoco global HQ, and brings the people of ngmoco closer to fans through sneak peeks at projects, behind-the-scenes looks at the game development process and other shenanigans.

In Eliminate, players take on the role of a futuristic weapons test combatant, operating in a top-secret experimental facility. Armed with the most advanced intelligence systems in the world, players engage in fast-paced first-person multiplayer battles against real player combatants. Every move is tracked, measured and analyzed by Eliminate researchers monitoring each engagement to develop more potent arms, higher-level strategies and future Eliminate scenarios. Using Push Notification, gamers can invite friends to join their teams with a press of a button.