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If you’re an MMORPG fan, ijji.com is excited to announce a new addition to their game-riddled online community. The MMO in question is Karos Online, which features all the typical qualities of such a game including a variety of character classes, an in-game economy, mounts, dungeons, and PvP.

The setting behind the fantasy world in Karos Online revolves around the curse of darkness that has overtaken Asmara that you, as the hero, must vanquish. A quality that is unique to this particular MMO is the Fletta system that allows you to help gain experience, increase your statistics, procure buffs, buy resources or enchant items.

Head over to the site to get a closer look at the game.

IRVINE, Calif. - April 20, 2010 - The search for the next great massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is over. ijji.com is now hosting Karos Online, a fantastically epic free-to-play MMORPG, for its ever-growing 10 million strong community. Karos Online promises massive guild-based PvP battles, mysterious dungeons, expansive end-game content and highly specialized character classes - and that's just the beginning.

"We are always looking to grow our base of quality hardcore games, and Karos Online is a great addition to the portal," said Calvin Yang, vice president of marketing, NHN USA, which hosts ijji.com. "Without a monthly subscription fee, overcrowded servers and the tired routine, Karos Online is a breath of fresh air for both the seasoned MMORPG fans as well as for those just starting."

Players of Karos Online can expect:

* Intense guild-based PvP battles: Players can form powerful guilds to help become the victor in the massive castle sieges and the ongoing fight over resource control points
* Rewarding end-game:A variety of dungeons to explore, with shifting paths that present new challenges and surprises to players as they level up
* Highly specialized character classes: Players can choose from a wide range of classes and specializations that best suits their playing style, including hand-to-hand melee, ranged physical and magical classes
* Well developed game economy: Fishing, mining, item crafting and a consignment storage system create a well balanced environment for players to choose their subspecialty
* Majestic mounts: Players can equip numerous types of mounts as they traverse across Asmara

Karos Online players take on the role of an unwavering hero determined to defeat the curse of darkness falling over the world of Asmara. The fantasy MMORPG features several unique gameplay mechanics, including its Fletta system. Players of Karos Online can use Fletta, Asmara's vital energy source as a complement to the traditional experience gaining process, to further increase their stats, give buffs, buy resources and enchant items. The mystical dungeons are perpetually shifting and changing, providing gamers a new scenario each time they play. The world if Asmara is portrayed through the game's rich 3-D graphics, with reasonable graphic card requirements, allowing the game to be accessible to a vast range of players.

Developed by Galaxy Gate, Karos Online is now available for download from ijji.com on the PC. To sign up or learn more about the game, visit http://karos.ijji.com.
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