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At its core, iBailout!! is a form of Pac-Man. However, the tribute to the current state of our economy involves a much more entertaining experience than what the term “clone” might suggest.

In place of Pac-Man is the Federal Government in the representation of a large moving building. Playing as the Fed, you traverse the maze on the screen and devour stacks of money while avoiding the angry mobs. The groups of displeased Americans move intelligently and can trap and corner you, unless you can grab an assault rifle. Once acquired, a voice-over will declare martial law and you’ll be able to mow the revolting citizens down. While you collect billions upon billions of dollars (chanting “money, money” all the while), bonus items will pop up on the screen in the form of gold bricks, laptops, cars, etc. and adds massive amounts of cash to your growing income.

Hilarity is not to be missed in this game. From the animated shorts between levels (e.g. when the Fed meets Congress in Act I and come together in an embrace of love) to the over-the-top narrations to the epic music and sound effects, iBailoutt!! amounts to one hilariously entertaining package.

The satirical version of Pac-Man is an original twist on the much-loved arcade game, but provides much of the same fun of it as well. Furthermore, this version saw to a good improvement on the game mechanics itself with the AI chasing after you. They’re quicker, smarter, and will flank you from opposite ends, making your greedy rampage that much more of a challenge.

While ultimately the gameplay experience may not be far from what you are familiar with, the pokes of fun at the government and at the not-so-funny economic instability make for a few laughs while playing the very addictive arcade-style game.

iBailout!!: $1.99
Gaming Nexus Grade: A

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