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Tapping game mechanics can only go so far, right? Super Juicy, a physics-based arcade/puzzle game on the iPhone may just prove that theory. Read on to find out.

Super Juicy is a game that requires you to wait for the falling masses of bubbles to coordinate into a group of three of a kind. At least three bubbles of the same color massed together will allow you to pop them. The goal is to keep the screen clear before your iPhone succumbs to a bubble infestation and the round is over.

There are four gameplay modes to choose from: Classic (traversing through the levels), Action (time-based), Bonus (bonus rounds taken from Classic mode), and Chaos (start flexing those finger muscles). Each requires a similar amount of effort, which basically comes down to being able to spot colors accumulating together.

Occasionally a bubble will be filled with a fruit for bonus points, or a special ability. Bubbles with bombs in them will destroy other bubbles in a close proximity when tapped, and bubbles with black holes suck the surrounding bubbles from the screen into the depths of nonexistence. Using these special abilities requires slightly more thought, as you’ll have to pay attention to what number of similarly colored bubbles it requires to be activated.

Although Super Juicy attempts to throw different angles at you throughout the levels – like ever-expanding bubbles that take over the screen if you don’t take care of them quickly – the game very quickly becomes repetitive. Each round is ended with a bonus round where you’ll have to avoid mines and attempt to gather up as many fruits as possible. You’ll find your thumbs as tired as the gameplay after the 20th round of much of the same chaotic tapping procedure.

The test of your endurance in Super Juicy can certainly taint the gameplay experience, but at the very least the game physics itself are never interrupted by any form of glitches. Higher levels approaching the end of the 39 that are available can boast more difficulty and a greater challenge, but at the expense of your sanity.

There isn’t much to comment on in regard to graphics and sound effects considering their dull quality. Graphics are simplistic, and the background music will periodically chant “Super Juicy” in an obscured and somewhat musical voice. The game is colorful, but could do with more creativity. Something as simple as a catchy tune or artistic background can go great lengths for an easy to pick up game such as this one.

Super Juicy is the sort of mindless and easy fun you need during passing moments where you have nothing better to do. As a game that you would want to take a moment out for, this game doesn’t qualify.

Super Juicy Lite: Free
Super Juicy: $0.99
Gaming Nexus Grade: C+
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