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The game of 100 Nazi Scalps is a short, shooting-filled path across Nazi-infested landscapes, each map with one very simple primary objective that involves some sort of killing and possibly some scalping, too.

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The controls are very simple. You have forward, backward, and crouch arrows for moving across the straight path. You attack by pressing the gun icon, or the knife icon to scalp your enemy and collect it as a token. To switch between your weapons, including from your knife to your club, there are two icons that will scroll through your inventory for each type of combat (hand-to-hand or weaponry). Being that the controls are fairly straightforward, it’s easy to focus on handling them with swiftness, as you’ll need to react on your feet to avoid the Nazis in front of you as well as the Nazis sneaking up behind you.

Although movement is as simple as from point A to point B, getting across Nazis equipped with everything from Uzis to bazookas is actually quite challenging. You begin with a pistol, but can gather weapons and ammunition from the Nazis you have either shot or scalped to death. My personal favorite is (as always) the shotgun, but the flamethrower is fun if only just to see a Nazi crumble into a pile of ashes and two bewildered eyeballs. You’ll have to be quick when picking up items, because you’ll soon find a line of Nazis coming at you from either end if you linger for too long. You’ll have to crouch quickly to pick up health, and scalp your enemy at the opportune moment unless you want to risk a Nazi pile-up.

Although a recent update has lessened the enemy’s damage to you by 30%, the Nazis can still make quite the impression on your health bar if you let too many of them live to shoot you. The goal is to go about your missions as quickly and efficiently as possible, or you’ll pay for the mistake with your life. That is why it is so essential for both the controls – as well as your control over the controls – to be impeccable.

Therein lies the minor dilemma of scrolling through which weapon you’d like to choose. You’re forced to wait out the cycle before your weapon of choice comes to the display, which is sometimes hindering to the battle at hand. Given that you should be responding to the situation with quick reactions, it’s impeding to have to spend precious seconds finding the next weapon you need.

The animation is definitely enjoyable, from the flamethrower and the results of using it mentioned earlier to and the general bloody mess you leave behind from whatever gun you’ve selected. Scalping a Nazi with the blade animates your soldiers with a quick slice of his knife, but if you choose the club you’ll see him raise both arms to bash the enemy’s skull in. It’s all very fun.

Very intense and rhythmic music effects play alongside you, adding to the drama of the situation. There is no time limit, but the music that is on makes the pressure of it all the same. Sound effects are also spot on, and help with the realism of the animations that I so enjoyed.

Unfortunately, the fun ends too quickly. There are but five missions, of which you could finish in one sitting. One train ride, one lunch hour is all it takes to finish 100 Nazi Scalps. I ran through the missions of finding my sergeant, holding off the Nazis to protect him, collecting scalps and killing more enemies to find myself finally face to face with the humorously huge Nazi boss who throws Bullet Bills at you while more Nazi soldiers come your way. That is the final mission, however, and I was surprised at how short they all were.

I hope Apalon plans on creating new chapters in future updates for this game, because it is definitely one I would recommend. Throw on a few more gameplay modes, and this game could very well be golden.

100 Nazi Scalps: $0.99
Gaming Nexus Grade: A-
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