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by: Tina -
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The iPhone gaming market has a lot of interesting angles to play around with. One of the more notable ones is the immensely popular episodic game, Pocket God. Developers at Eyedip have taken the episodic style gaming, and the God style gaming, to a more blatantly devious route with Pocket Devil.

If you’ve ever played Pocket God you’ll notice that it’s more fun, and a lot more fitting given the options the game provides, to be cruel to the poor pygmies on the island. Well, Pocket Devil is all-evil and there are no insinuations of any pleasantries to be had for the minions in this afterlife simulation. Pocket Devil has released their first episode, Burn Baby Burn, where you rule over the Mugat2 population in purgatory. You have various methods of killing them: there’s the classic guillotine if you’re feeling medieval, or perhaps you’d like to chain your Mugat2 from the neck and swing him side to side. Burning them with gasoline is nice, too, but I like spiking them on the skeleton fish called Zifeeshie that swims in the lava. If you’re feeling sympathetic, you could always summon the staircase to heaven and spare them a miserable life/death by turning them into angels…but where is the fun in that?

The music is ironically upbeat, and that is to my liking. The Mugat2 also make cute little whiny noises when you pick them up, which almost makes me feel bad for the impending doom that I am dead set on imposing on them.

Future episodes could get really interesting and creative, which is what I’ve always liked about Pocket God. These games aren’t something that I consistently pick up and play, because in all honesty they are dependent on their chapter updates to maintain my interest. While I’m always excited to see what Pocket God has in store for me next, this brutally sadistic episodic God game is piquing my interest more and more as I consider it. I wonder what dark and mutilating ways they will come up with for me to torture and kill my cute little Mugat2 clan. I also wonder when the parental or political outrage will break out.

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