iPhone 3GS getting hot to handle...literally

by: Dan -
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This morning, it seems as if credible reports are popping up all over new sites regarding the iPhone 3GS becoming extremely hot to the touch. It started with a French site posting an image of a white iPhone 3GS with what appears to be a discolored backing, supposedly due to heat. From the reports, the primary culprits seems to be a combination of the new Apple 3.0 OS and extended use of either Safari, the GPS or gaming, all of which tax the battery and processor harder than most apps.

There are also reports that iPod Touches that have updated to the 3.0 OS also have been experiencing some heating issue, although not to the extent of the iPhone. I know in my case, since my 2nd Gen iPod Touch has been upgraded to OS 3.0, I have noticed that there is a hot spot on the back when I am using it for extended periods of time. It also appears that my battery life goes away quicker with the new OS as well. I don't remember if the heat (lower third of the device on the back) was there before upgrading, but I do know I first recall feeling it about two weeks ago after using it for about 45 minutes straight. If anyone is also experiencing any issues, we want to hear about it in the comments.
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