iPhone 3.0 Software goes live tomorrow

by: Dan -
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For those of you that own an iPod Touch or an iPhone not called 3G S, then you can grab the new iPhone 3.0 OS starting tomorrow. The upgrade is free to iPhone and iPhone 3G owners (it is installed on the 3G S when they ship) and will cost $9.95 for iPod Touch owners. There is a good chance that the system will be taxed heavily tomorrow, so it may be best to try and grab your update during a non-peak hour.  Some of the big updates include:

-Cut, Copy and Paste
-Native Landscape Keyboard
-MMS Texting
-Spotlight Search
-Voice Memos
-Calendar improvements
-Buy and download Audiobooks, Movies and TV (>10 MB requires Wi-Fi)
-Safari Updates
-Stereo Bluetooth

Check out all the updates over at iTunes.com
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