iPad it is....Prices start at $499 and up, 3G and WiFi Models

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Apple unveiled their new tablet device today and affectionately call it the iPad per the CNET live feed. It appears to be a up-sized iPod touch, but I am sure we will learn more about it as the day progresses. Until then, here are the specs from the Apple event:

Dimensions and Weight
0.5 inches thin
Weighs 1.5 pounds

Screen Size
9.7-inch IPS display.



Apple custom 1Ghz chip called the A4
Chip handles processing, graphics and i.o memory

Storage options
16, 32, or 64 GB of SSD storage

802.11n Wi-Fi

10-hour battery life, with a one month (30 day) standby life in sleep mode

Other Features

Additonally, all the current AppStore apps will work on it, either centered at iPod size, or blown up at double the pixels. The new iPhone SDK will support the iPad and will be available later today.

[UPDATE: DAN] Pricing and models were announced finally, and they look to be good options. First, there will be 3G models available, with AT&T the carrier. The models will not need to be activated at a store and will use the GSM micro SIM. Monthly pricing will be $15 for 250GB of data, or $30 for unlimited data.

The hardware pricing was also announced, and looks real good.

WiFi Only Pricing:
$499 - 16GB
$599 - 32GB
$699 - 64GB

3G Pricing (add$130 to each)
$629 - 16GB
$729 - 32GB
$829 - 64GB

Availability will be 30 days for WiFi only models, and 90 days for 3G models. International 3G models are also in the works.
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