iPad gets the analog stick is so rightfully needs

by: Jeremy -
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Gaming on iOs devices is a big thing in today’s world; Apple’s lineup of handhelds has established itself in the gaming market more than anyone ever thought they would. As popular and good as some of the games are, I still cannot get used to using a “virtual” analog stick for movement in a lot of games. If you have the same problem, Ten One Design may have just the product for you...err... us...

Ten One has revealed the Fling Tactile Game Controller for Apple’s iPad. The small device attaches to the screen of your iPad using suction pads and mimmicks the look, feel, and functionality of an actual analog joystick. As strange as it sounds, it looks pretty practical in the images and video shown below; I would be really interested in seeing how well the Fling works in the flesh though.

The Fling Tactile Game Controller is scheduled to go on sale through Ten One’s website tomorrow and will sell for $24.95. You can take a look at the device below and check out a demo video of it in action:

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