“Ruh-roh Raggy” Case Zero delayed

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has announced that Dead Rising 2‘s Case Zero will not be making its scheduled August 31, 2010 release date. The “official” statement from Capcom of Japan is that “elements were discovered in the trial version that are not appropriate for a free demo”.

The specific details regarding what needs to be addressed in the game was not listed... curiously enough. Capcom has not stated when the title will be released. The full version of Dead Rising 2 launches at the end of this month, so the clock is ticking in terms of when they can get it out to serve as an effective demonstration of the game. Hopefully Capcom will elaborate on their reasoning(s) behind the delay sometime soon...

Source: Kotaku 

PDATE: It will be launching tomorrow in the US, see this story...
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