...and the BlazBlue: Continuum Shift info starts pouring in...

by: Jeremy -
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 I reported on the Famitsu cover leak yesterday and today the full article has been exposed.  Japanese gaming blog Andriasang has exposed all of the details included in Famitsu's four page story on BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.  In addition to everything that was listed yesterday from the arcade version of the game, the home versions of the game will include yet another additional character, u-12, and a ton of additional gameplay modes.  Among the modes that will be included in the home versions are:

  • Tutorial- guided instruction(s) on all fighting mechanics
  • Arcade- standard arcade progression mode
  • Versus- standard competitive mode against local human and computer controller opponents
  • Score attack- fifteen round battle to achieve a benchmark score
  • Training- free practice mode
  • Challenge- various character-specific missions
  • Legion- enemy progression based on a map, as included in the PlayStation Portable version
  • Story- over 28 character specific scenarios
  • Gallery- view event movies, pictures, and sound tests
  • Replay theater- management and review of saved battles
  • Online / network battle- full online multiplayer support including ranked and unranked battles
The article also states the the conversion is well underway and actually scheduled for release this coming Summer in Japan.  Hopefully North America will get it by the end of the year...

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