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So far, what we've seen from Darkspore has been focused on the PvP aspects of the game. That's nice, but will there be a deep single player campaign to go along with it? It's hard to say, but the production team is trying to generate more interest in the individual mechanics of each Hero with a new spotlight feature. Zrin is a Plasma Sentinel and... that's about it. It (he?) has some cool attacks, but we don't get a sense of what exactly Zrin's role is in the game's universe. I guess, when it comes to this type of game, the label "tank" is good enough for most.
Zrin is on Fire as the First Hero to be Profiled in the Upcoming Action RPG
Darkspore is coming soon to PCs everywhere in spring 2011.  Up until now, the Darkspore team has been bringing you Producer Diaries with deep insights and information on Squad Play, Loot and PvP in the game.  Now we are happy to share with you the very first Hero Reveal in a new Hero Spotlight Series – Zrin, a Plasma Sentinel, and one of the more than 25 heroes that gamers will be able to customize and tweak into the perfect Darkspore warrior!
In the video, Zrin’s attacks are detailed – “Sun Fist, a melee attack that damages enemies with both the power of fire and lightning, “Pain Hounds, a special ability that gives Zrin helpers who come in handy in battle, and “Meteor Strike,” which rains down disruptive and destructive comets on the competition.  Finally, the last special ability Zrin brings is “Plasma Column,” a radial column of fire that deals damage to all surrounding enemies.   And as Zrin’s “squad ability,” this is an attack that any hero in Zrin’s squad can use.
Check out the video today, and look forward to seeing even more heroes profiled in the series as we move forward to the launch of Darkspore!  Be sure to check out Producer Diaries 1, 2 and 3 on the Darkspore YouTube Channel at the link below to learn more about the game.  Let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist with your coverage.  Cheers!
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